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Using ECS, SLB, OSS to build a WordPress blog site


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Learning materials:

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– wauken

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– Lab: Use Server Load Balancer to Realize High Availability


  1. Create an ECS Linux instance using the marketplace WordPress image and bind EIP address. The WordPress service can be accessed through the public IP address.
  2. Create an OSS bucket and use theossfstool to mount the bucket to the instance’s file system and verify that the file can be read and written automatically from the OSS side.
  3. Configure the WordPress service, you can use the files mounted to the local OSS path as a resource.
  4. Make an image of the instance
  5. Use the image file to create a second ECS instance and assign another EIP public address
  6. After the second instance is started, verify that theossfsfile directory can be automatically created and working properly
  7. Create an SLB public network instance and add the previous two instances to the SLB backend.
  8. Through the SLB public network address, you can successfully access the network services of two instances.


Required outcome:

– Provide a screenshot of the built WordPress website

– Provide a screenshot of the ossfs configuration file

– Provide a screenshot of SLB configuration in step 8.

– Provide SLB publi address


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