David Kang Hello, I'm a full-stack web developer in NYC


About Me

Just one word to describe me..

Disciplined. Focused. Passionate. Loves to learn new technology.

A few more words..

A web developer with a passion for full stack, who loves to code. Loves that satisfying feeling of getting the 'ah-hah' moment after spending hours trying to solve a problem.
Currently, I am eager to find a company where I can make a big impact using my skills to solve problems and positively contribute to the work culture. I desire to continue to challenge myself everyday and grow as a developer.



  • Full MEAN stack app
  • Buy and Sell Bikes
  • Login/Registration
  • Full MEAN stack app
  • Manages team roster
  • Add/Remove players
  • Full MEAN stack app
  • Keep track of inventory
  • Add/Remove products
  • Github Battle MEAN app
  • Uses the GitHub open API
  • Calculates scores based on repos and followers
  • MessageBoard built with Python/Django
  • Login/Registration
  • Post messages and comments
  • Book Reviewer built with Python/Django
  • Login/Registration
  • Add/Delete book reviews


Coding Dojo | 2018

I recently completed an intensive 20 week bootcamp where I honed my skills in JavaScript, Python, and MEAN. I excel in projects where I have to pick up new frameworks or libraries on the fly.

Team Treehouse | 2017

Completed full MEAN stack tracks, Python, HTML, CSS, and Database courses on Treehouse.